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Our 7-year-old son has been with Charles Water Karate for 1 1/2 years now and the change that we are seeing in him is truly remarkable. He is not only acquiring good martial art skills but is also developing self-control, patience, and discipline. Their program does not focus on the child's weaknesses but rather on his strengths which inspires the child to work even harder. We are happy that we have made the right choice and we are proud to be a part of the Charles Water Karate family!

Tracy Capece
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Our children have attended Charles Water Karate and Fitness for the past seven years and we can't say enough positive things about their experiences. The staff is supportive and encouraging. While we have always loved our experiences at the studio, during the pandemic, Master Water and the entire staff have gone above and beyond to help students stay connected and engaged. The consistency of seeing their teachers and classmates for regular classes over Zoom each week allowed our children to maintain some sense of normalcy in an uncertain time. Additionally, Master Water has provided individual lessons via Zoom to insure that they are advancing in their skills and also providing an opportunity to connect personally and check on each student's well-being. This has made a world of difference for our children and we are incredibly grateful be part of this karate family.

Samir Patel
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We had our child join the studio a few months ago. We could not be happier with the experience. The instructors are kind, considerate, and compassionate. Their ability to redirect the children is something to be reckoned with and something I haven’t experienced before. I’m so glad this studio has been here for 35 years and I hope it stays for 35 more. Thank you!

Donna Patron
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Master Water, Mrs. Water and Master Quintano are outstanding professionals and wonderful people, too! When you enter the studio, you are filled with positivity and encouragement and instantly feel part of the karate family. We highly recommend Charles Water Karate and Fitness for children and even adults! You won’t be disappointed!

John Macri
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Excellent training. I am 60 and returned to Karate at 56. It has changed my physical life and has given me so much more confidence to handle myself outside the studio. The training by Master Water & Master Quintano is first class. I have many new friendships within my Karate family. I highly recommend it for children to gain confidence and get in good condition and for adults it could be a decision that saves your life. You will get in shape. John Macri

Mike Bello
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Charles Water Karate is the best decision we have made for my son. I joined along with him and the father/son experience has been beyond rewarding. Master Water and Mrs. Water are strong and compassionate leaders and Master Water's Leadership staff is top notch. I travel past 5 martial arts studios from my home to attend Charles Water Karate so that the life lessons, confidence building, and leadership skills that Master Water teaches through Martial Arts can be given to my son.
This is the place to bring your child!
The greatest part about Master Water is his willingness to grow and change. This was on display during the pandemic as he completely changed to an online school and now has hybrid experiences. He is a true role model for everyone.

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