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Red or Brown or Blk/Brn Belt Maintenance Work Out Schedule

(To maintain your fitness choose one, two or three from categories below and check off. Maintenance should be done two days per week; minimum five minutes per day. Then turn in by the 15th and you will receive one brown tip.)

Workout type (select up to three)

Practice Form: (Required fields in RED)

Red or Brown or Blk/Brn Belt Destiny Work Out
(To create your fitness destiny check off one box per each practice session at home. All boxes need not be checked)
When Destiny is properly filled out and turned in by the 15th of the month,
you will receive one silver tip with a star sticker.

Red Belt (3rd gup)

Brown Belt (2nd gup)

Black/Brown (1st Gup)

Monthly Random Act of Kindness

Thank you for filling out The Red or Brown or Blk/Brn Belt Maintenance Work Out Schedule

Please Click "Submit" to Send In The Schedule.

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